misha_bsb (misha_bsb) wrote,

"Inside Magazine" article about Nick Carter's and Lauren Kitt's Wedding

Fall 2014 issue, pages 86-93.
Each page is posted as a separate entry. Text only for now; scans will follow

As Long As You Love Me

Lauren Kitt & Nick Carter
April 12, 2014, Santa Barbara, California

Nick Carter never had to wonder what his family would think of his girlfriend, fitness expert and actress Lauren Kitt, after they began dating in 2009. That’s because it was Nick’s sister, Angel, and brother, Aaron, who intuitively knew the couple would enjoy each other’s company and persuaded them to meet. The two were introduced at a movie night at Nick’s house, where a sign from the heavens seemed to approve of the match. “Three hours into conversing on my balcony overlooking the beach, we saw shooting star after shooting star,” Nick remembers. “We both looked at each other and it got quiet.”

While on tour in Australia, separated from his love for the first time since they met, Nick realized he couldn’t live without her. After obtaining permission to propose from Lauren’s father, Nick set off on a mission to design the perfect engagement ring. He set Lauren to look at jewelry for her birthday with his business manager. A diamond on one particular necklace captivated Lauren, so Nick had the stone removed and set into a ring. “I personally love it because it looks like a Star Wars battleship,” he explains.

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