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Media from Howie's appearances on Japan radio shows, Nov 2011

News page at Avexnet.or.jp/Howied

Appearances are listed newest-to-oldest. Newest appearances have not occured yet.
To get airtimes in your local timezone, Subtract 17 hours for U.S. West Coast/Cali time, Subtract 14 hours for U.S. East Coast/NY time, Subtract 9 hours for UK time, Subtract 8 hours for CET time


  • New
    Not a radio appearance, but 「Radio Hits」 hostess DJ Snoopy met Howie before his Venus Fort show and posted a couple of photos
    in her blog

  • New
    Not a radio appearance, but the hostess of InterFM's 「Evening Session」 radio show was the moderator at Howie's Venus Fort event

    Source: The show's blog

  • 2011/11
    FM PORT 11月パワープレイに「100」が決定!

  • 2011/11/15
    11/15(火)bayfm「INTER X-PRESS」(21:30~22:55)でHOWIE Dのインタビューをオンエア!
  • 2011/11/14
    11/14(月)bayfm「INTER X-PRESS」(21:30~22:55)でHOWIE Dのインタビューをオンエア!
  • 2011/11/13
    11/13(日)成田空港第2ターミナルに新しくできるイベントステージにて行われる、bayfmの公開収録イベントにHOWIE Dが登場決定!

    ^ All 3 BayFM entries are about Howie's appearance at the airport stage. The show's hostess posted photos in her blog. Link

  • 2011/11/12
    11/12(土)TOKYO FM「cosmo POPS BEST10」生出演決定!

    Source: The show's blog

  • 2011/11/10

    Source: Show blog
    Podcast link
    20min 31sec. To download, Right-click on link, select "Save Target As"
    Source:Show blog

  • 2011/11/9
    11/9(水)HOWIE DがInterFM「GLOBAL SATELLITE」生出演決定!

    There are a couple of photos of Howie on the show's blog. Link

  • 2011/11/9
    11/9(水)FMヨコハマ「Re:wind」(DJAIKO62)にHOWIE D生出演決定!

    Source:Show blog

  • 2011/11/9
    11/9(水)JFN「ONCE」にHOWIE D生出演決定!

    Source: Show's blog
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